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Re-Verzio: A Woman Captured

Film Screening
Thursday, February 28, 2019, 6:00 pm

Encore screenings of popular films from Verzió 15
February 7 – March 21

Our annual encore screening series, Re-Verzió, which has been typically held in the last cold weeks of winter – supplies the perfect atmosphere for watching movies and gathering in warm places.
The upcoming, 4th event will show the winner of Verzió 15's Audience Award, a Hungarian documentary which was also nominated for the European Film Award:

Directed by Bernadett Tuza-Ritter, Hungary, 2017, 89min, Hungarian
*English subtitles
At the heart of A Woman Captured is Marish, a 52-year-old Hungarian woman who has been serving a family for a decade, working 20 hours a day without any pay. Her ID was taken from her by her oppressors, and she's not allowed to leave the house without permission. She eats only leftovers and has no bed to sleep in. The presence of the camera helps her realize she isn’t completely alone, and after two years of shooting, she gathers her courage and reveals, “I am going to escape”.

Check the full program of Re-Verzió here:

Admission is free of charge. Maximum capacity is 100 seats, take yours on a first come first served basis.