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Departmental Colloquium: Zoltan Nadasdy (UT Austin): Deciphering the neural code of human spatial awareness

The CEU Campus
Thursday, March 21, 2019, 5:10 pm – 6:40 pm

Deciphering the neural code of human spatial awareness

Zoltan Nadasdy (University of Texas at Austin, HCA Neuroscience, ELTE)

The neuronal activity in our brain has a dual nature. One is characterized as discrete and conveys information while the other is continuous, periodic and we don’t exactly understand its function. When these two forms of activity engage in a coordinated interplay their interaction generates a spatially periodic maps recognized as grids, anchored to the environment and guiding us during spatial navigation. In this lecture I will discuss new results from the medial temporal lobe of human subjects that illustrate the emergence of conspicuous maps, which may serve us as a neural coordinate system for our spatial awareness.