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Conductor Game - with Bélaműhely Sound Art

Monday, May 27, 2019, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Have you ever listened to an orchestra with instruments created by industrial waste, used personal belongings, barrels, pipes, bike and computer equipment, tubs, pans and paper boxes? Have you ever conducted an orchestra? It is time to join Béla Műhely Sound Art and become a orchestra conductor for an afternoon on 27 May at CEU
(Fun for adults and children as well)

5pm: introductory workshop:
During the workshop you can play on more than 20 sound devices, three of which are unique in the world. You will also learn about how all these instruments are made and how they are used. You can also learn about the diverse activities of Bélaműhely in the filed of music therapy, social and public arts.

6pm: Conductor game
Be the conductor of an orchestra with more than 20 unique instruments like sound burgers, pipe saxophone, bikeophone, gigantocyplis, rimdrum, bikehandle-flute. Use your own creativity and improvise with the musicians on the spot!

In the first part, musicians will introduce their instruments, so that future conductors in the audience could get an idea about the soundscape of the orchestra.
In the second part everyone is encouraged to try the instruments, ask questions about the process of making, the materials, methods of playing.
The third part is the conductors’ part. The new conductors improvise compositions with the help of the orchestra by playing with movements, posture, look, visage, mimic, without any previous instructions.

Talking is not allowed :)

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Béla Műhely - Sound Art:
We have experimented with developing musical games and we research people’s attitude towards music, sounds and creating them. We produce our devices together with Tóbiás Terebessy and Medence Group from industrial waste, used personal belongings, barrels, pipes, bike and computer equipment, tubs, pans and paper boxes.

We have developed some really unique musical equipment, instruments and musical games in t he last few years.

When developing a new instrument, we do not try to make it sound perfect as there are the already existing instruments for that. We try to make virtue from the overtones and imperfect sounds, we want to create a new, even for us surprising world of sounds.

Videos of games:
Conductor Game Trafó:
Conductor game Ozora :
Bicycledrum :
Rock and roll: