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Organizing for Active Citizenship

Saturday, June 15, 2019, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

This workshop aims to provide participants with practical skills needed to work in advocacy and the non-profit sector. The workshop is recommended to both those who have no or relatively little experience in organizing a group or who have more experience but want to improve their organization’s functioning. The workshop is free of charge but requires registration for all applicants and all participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

==Application Process
Applicants should fill in the Online Application Form before the deadline- 7 June 2019

==Goals of the training
• How to start a group from scratch with a powerful idea
• How to create and maintain democratic group dynamics
• How to keep your group motivated and engaged
• How to involve new members in your organization
• How to build a social base and mobilize for your cause

Open to all. The selection will be based on the application forms and the selected applicants will be notified via e–mail a few days after the deadline.
Please, remember that we have a very limited number of places available so make sure you send us your application on time.

Applications should be sent to HRSI no later than 7 June.

==About the Trainers
Júlia Vujovits and Ági Fernengel both work at the School of Public Life (Közélet Iskolája), a community-based training and research center, committed to improving the culture of civic participation in Hungary. The School has been providing trainings for improving citizenship skills since 2014. Their trainings target organizations and groups working for social justice and people experiencing social exclusion. Only last year more than 600 people participated in their program from more than 120 organizations. The School also provides strategic planning for organizations, facilitates participatory action research and publishes regularly on advocacy, activism and movements in Hungary.

Júlia Vujovits is a trainer on social inequalities in the School of Public Life. She first started working as a trainer in 2013 at Foundation for Democratic Youth, where she got an insight into the non-profit sector, and expertise in non-formal educational methods and projects. She has a background in sociology and gender studies and researched Hungarian men’s movements and feminist urban planning.

Ági Fernengel leads courses at the School of Public Life on organizing democratic groups, strategic planning and social inequalities. She is also the co-founder of Deviszont Community Center, a citizenship education program for vocational students in Kispest. She graduated from CEU’s Sociology and Social Anthropology MA and as a member of the College for Advanced Studies in Social Theory, she addressed critical social theory, especially global inequalities and postcolonialism.