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Who Hides Behind the Liars? The Business of Misinformation

Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Misinformation websites have inundated Europe in the past few years. They operate and expand in a myriad of forms and formats. Literature about the growing fake news phenomenon abounds: nothing is fancier these days among universities and donors than to set up truth or trust commissions to battle misinformation. It is hard to remember a media studies topic that has ever attracted so much time and money. Still, there is little research on the business side of this phenomenon, on who makes money out of spreading lies. This is what The Business of Misinformation project by the Center for Media, Data and Society aims: mapping the companies and individuals owning, controlling or running misinformation websites.

Who produces misinformation content and why? What topics are the most covered by misinformation sites? What is the relationship between these sites and mainstream media? What role does social media play? And what does a chicken frying pan have to do with misinformation?

In this panel discussion, researchers of the project, Semir Dzebo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Jozef Michal Mintal (Slovakia) and Judit Szakács (Hungary) will discuss the findings of the research they conducted on the misinformation landscape. The discussion is moderated by Robert Nemeth (Center for Media, Data and Society at the School of Public Policy).

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