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PhD defense (Rita Pető): Essays in Labor Economics

Budapest campus
Thursday, September 19, 2019, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm


The Department of Economics and Business cordially invites you to the Public Defense of the PhD Dissertation
Rita Pető

Essays in Labor Economics

Members of the Defense Committee:
Supervisor: Ádám Szeidl (CEU)
External member: János Köllő (KRTK)

Chair: László Mátyás (CEU)


Two of the three essays are investigating the question about the role of skills in the labor market, while the third chapter looks at the labor market consequences of identity changes. The first chapter shows how a foreign takeover affects the return to specific skills, I found that the return on independent problem solving skills increases, while the returns on other skills are unchanged. The second chapter (joint with Balázs Reizer) study the gender differences in skill content of jobs, it shows that having family significantly increases the gap of skill use between men and women, we argue that time allocation by the family members is the potential mechanism driving the results. The third chapter (joint with Attila Gáspár) uses historical data to study the labor market impact of changing a foreign sounding surname to a Hungarian sounding one.