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Holocaust Research in Hungary Today

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Please, note that the entire event will be in Hungarian

Holocaust Research in Hungary Today

Orginized by the CEU Jewish Studies Program and the Subcommittee of Hungarian Academy of Science on History of Second World War

Roundtable discussion

The next issue (2019/4) of the journal Századok will publish a thematic selection of articles about history of the Holocaust in Hungary.

The participants of the roundtable will discuss with the authors the old and new directions in Holocaust research, the factors that support or hinder research initiatives, and the relation of the Hungarian and international Holocaust-research trends.


Opening: Enyedi Zsolt, CEU Pro-Rector, Frank Tibor Editor in Chief of Századok

Moderator: Pető Andrea CEU, President, Subcomittee of History of Second World War, HAS

Roundtable: Kovács András (CEU), Jablonczay Timea (Milton Friedman Egyetem), Barna Ildikó (ELTE TÁTK), Kovács Tamás (HDKE).

Authors’ response: Klacsmann Borbála, Ádám István Pál, Csapody Tamás, Huhák Heléna and Szécsényi András.

Closing remarks: Gyáni Gábor (HAS TTI)

If you would like to have child-care during the conference, please write here: