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CPS Seminar: NGOization of school-to-work transition among Roma youth

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

In the frame of the CPS Seminar on October 2nd, Abel Beremenyi, Marie S. Curie Individual Fellow presented the aims, the key objectives and the methodology of his 24-month comparative research project "NGOization of school-to-work transition among Roma youth (NGOST)".

The project aims at critically examining policies and programmes that support school-to-work transition (STWT) reaching out to Roma youth. It focuses particularly on the ‘NGOization’ of STWT programmes, that is the delegation of state functions to private entities, as a technique of neoliberal governance of minorities. 

NGOST’s key objectives are:

  • To critically examine policies and programmes related to school-to-work transition (STWT)
  • To conduct a cross-country comparison of the development of STWT regimes, their focus and/or outreach to Roma youth, and the role of non-state actors (NGOs) in their operation.
  • To investigate local practices of STWT through NGOs’ actions, and gauge their impact, with a particular focus on the labour market opportunities and STWT experiences of Roma young people themselves.
  • To elaborate theoretical and analytical frames to reflect on public policies dealing with the social inclusion of vulnerable minorities - particularly the Roma - through labour market inclusion.

The project relies on a qualitative research design, complemented with quantitative data collection. Fieldwork includes participatory observation both in Roma communities and in institutions and non-governmental entities, coupled with in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with decision makers, workers and programme beneficiaries. Also, focus group discussions are organised in parallel with a brief survey administered to all the contacted workers.