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Workshop on Basics Of Project Management for the NGO Sector

Word cloud of important aspects of project management
Saturday, October 19, 2019, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Human RightS Initiative is pleased to invite you to our Basics of Project Management workshop.

This is a one-day long workshop which aims to provide participants with practical skills needed to work in the non-profit sector. The workshop is recommended to those who have no or relatively little experience in strategic planning at the NGO sector. To participate in the workshop please register by 14 October 2019. As we have only 20 available seats, participants will be selected based on their application. 

Goals of the training

  • To equip course participants with tools and knowledge which enable them to take active part in the implementation of any project.
  • To enable them to apply basic skills related to effective project planning and implementation.
  • To allow participants understand that strong ownership of the Project Management tools and processes are key to effectiveness, to present them with the a concise overview of steps and methods to manage projects in a new kind of environment.

Why participate?
If you choose to participate in this workshop, you will get a firm grasp of specific phases of the project management. You will gain insight and knowledge that is directly applicable back on the job, or in your organisation. If you enjoy learning by doing and like being active, working in teams – this workshop is designed for you.
Come with a project idea to increase your chances to leave with a more developed project plan by the end of the workshop.

About the trainer
Kiry Noémi Ambrus is an independent consultant working for many years on improving efficiency of non-profit organizations by providing them innovative and integrated organisational development solutions. With her almost 20 years of experience in working in the non-profit sector across Europe, she loves sharing her knowledge and inspiring others. She is a visiting lecturer at the Pentecostal Theological College, teaching Management of Voluntary Organisations.
The main stages of her career: she started as a trainer and East European coordinator of the Olde Vechte Foundation in Ommen, The Netherlands, with involvement in personal development, coaching and leadership trainings. For seven years, she was the senior trainer and consultant of the Civil Society Development Foundation Hungary doing capacity building, training and consultancy for non profit organizations across the globe. She also worked for the Mental Disability Advocacy Center as Operations Director and later Fundraising Development Manager; was the lead trainer and senior consultant of the Civil Support Nonprofit Ltd. Hungary. Her last position was managing the dry café (Café ADNA) of the drug rehabilitation mission of the Hungarian Reformed Church.
She has a teacher’s degree from the Lutheran Theological University Budapest and MA in EU politics from the University Of Pécs, Faculty of Law and she also studied coaching and management at the Pentecostal Theological College, Budapest.

We hope to count on your participation!