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Interaction Matters Series: Tackling Toxic Masculinity

Illustrated by J.R.D.
Thursday, October 31, 2019, 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Are you a man but you don't feel good about contributing to patriarchal oppression?
Have you ever thought about if there is sexism in your behavior, speech and attitudes, and how you could change it?
Or how to deal with these issues in political groups and other communities?
Are you wondering how you could support the feminist political movements fighting discrimination and violence against women?
Or you are just wondering what's wrong about masculinity and why you might want to care about all this?

We are inviting you to a workshop about masculinity where we can analyse our attitudes and behavior, get more insight into the mechanisms of toxic masculinity and think about solutions together in a facilitated discussion.
For unlearning behaviors imprinted in early childhood and getting rid of unconscious biases we need to do our homework in self-reflection, and doing it together by sharing our experiences, opinions and feelings makes it so much easier.

The workshop is open for cis men only, and it will be held in English.

We would be very glad if you invite your friends or share the event.

If you are not a cis man and you want to support the workshop you can send us a personal story about a situation where you were affected by toxic masculinity to We use the stories in the workshop and we keep them anonymous.

Details about Facilitator
Yago Paris
Film Studies student and coordinator of the Feminist Film Club at the feminist library Közkincs Könyvtár.

Interactions Matters aims to raise awareness on pressing and current issues that are still present in our global communities, such as racial bias, religious prejudice, sexism, ageism, and ableism, amongst other important themes. The workshops aim to provide practical tools to participants to be able to effectively contribute to building more positive, respectful relationships within and among themselves and with the wider society.