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Double Book Launch of Dorottya Rédai and Rita Béres-Deák

Book Launch
Double Book Launch of Rita Béres-Deák and Dorottya Rédai
Tuesday, November 19, 2019, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm


The Department of Gender Studies proudly invites you to the launch of

Queer Families in Hungary: Same-Sex Couples, Families of Origin, and Kinship - by Rita Béres-Deák (Palgrave MacMillan 2019)


Exploring Sexuality in Schools: The Intersectional Reproduction of Inequality - by Dorottya Rédai (Palgrave MacMillan 2019)

Rita Béres-Deák and Dorottya Rédai are both graduates of the PhD in Comparative Gender Studies at Central European University. Both currently work as independent scholars and are actively involved in LGBTQ and human rights activism.


Program of the Book Launch


Welcome - Francisca de Haan, Head, Department of Gender Studies

Dorottya Rédai briefly introduces her monograph Exploring Sexuality in Schools: The Intersectional Reproduction of Inequality.

Comments and reflections by Éva Fodor, Associate Professor of Gender Studies; Pro-Rector for the Social Sciences and Humanities at CEU, and Erzsébet Barát, Associate Professor at the Department of Gender Studies at CEU & at the Department of English Studies, University of Szeged.

Rita Béres-Deák briefly introduces her monograph Queer Families in Hungary: Same-Sex Couples, Families of Origin, and Kinship.

Comments and reflections by Katalin Ráhel Turai, Graduate of the PhD in Comparative Gender Studies at CEU, and CEU Fellow and Visiting Lecturer at the Gender Studies MA Program at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), and by Judit Takács, Research Chair (MTA) TK / Centre for Social Sciences (formerly belonging to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)


Reception to follow.

Please note that the event is open but attendance requires registration. Please register on the following LINK or send an e-mail to untill the 18th of November, the latest.  


Dorottya Rédai, Exploring Sexuality in Schools - The Intersectional Reproduction of Inequality (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019)

This book explores the place of sexuality in a Hungarian combined vocational, technical, and grammar school. The work is based on ethnographic research using a post-structuralist and intersectional theoretical framework. It critically discusses key issues concerning schooling and sexuality, addressing such themes as LGBTQ+ youth and teachers, institutional hierarchy, the intersections of gender, ethnicity and class in the constitution of sexualities, and the role of sexuality in the re/production of social inequalities through education. 


 Book cover


Rita Béres-Deák Queer Families in Hungary -Same-Sex Couples, Families of Origin, and Kinship (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019)

Set against the backdrop of a country which upholds a heteronormative and narrow view of family, this book provides insights into the lives of Hungarian same-sex couples and their heterosexual relatives. Béres-Deák utilizes the theoretical framework of intimate citizenship, as well as findings from ethnographic interviews, participant observation and online sources. Instead of emphasizing the divide between non-heterosexual people and their heterosexual kin, the author recognizes that these members of queer families share many similar experiences and challenges. Queer Families in Hungary looks at experiences of coming out, negotiation of visibility, and kinship practices, and offers valuable insights into how individuals and families can resist heterosexist constraints through their discourses and practices. 

Book cover