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CEU Business MS Programs Info Session

Meet Up
CEU Budapest rooftop
Tuesday, December 3, 2019, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

CEU Business Programs Info Session with Professor Peter Szilagyi's talk "When Do Insiders Trade? Opportunistic versus Strategic Decision Making".

Join us at CEU or online to learn more about our programs, have an informal chat with faculty, students and alumni, and get all your questions answered about the Department of Economics and Business.

Registration: RSVP via email to

Livestream: Tune in online on Panopto. Check out our Facebook page.

What to Expect?

6:30-6:45pm CEU Business Programs: Quick Facts – Peter Szilagyi, Associate Professor and Director of Business MS Programs

6:45-7:15pm: When Do Insiders Trade? Opportunistic versus Strategic Decision Making – Peter Szilagyi

Opportunistic inside traders can exploit their private information by trading financial contracts such as derivatives. However, recently convicted inside traders Lukas Kamay and Christopher Hill, who used Australian pre-release statistical data to profit in foreign exchange markets, demonstrated more complex strategic decision-making. We show that while derivatives were used to leverage information, (i) only certain information was actually traded on, (ii) losses were generated to mask trading activities, and (iii) great care was exercised when placing trades to minimize potential losses from offsetting price information in other markets. Our results are consistent with insiders acting strategically to maximize the value of their information, while also trying to minimize the risk of detection. Kamay and Hill’s actions highlight the limitations to regulatory surveillance in over-the-counter markets, while reinforcing the importance of regulatory measures that prevent, or discourage, insider trading prior to trade execution.

7:15-7:35pm: The CEU Experience: Panel discussion with current students and alumni

7:35-9:00pm: Reception with current students and alumni 

Business Programs Guided by Industry

Earn a U.S. masters or MBA in Budapest and Vienna. Join a world-class international community. Study full-time as a graduate or career changer, or continue your career and study part-time. Join a top partner school on four continents.

Learn more from the CEU Business Masters Website and Presentation.

  • MS in Business Analytics | 10 months | full-time or part-time
    A unique mix of analytics, computer science and business. Learn programming, dive into data analysis, big data and cloud computing, machine learning and data engineering.
  • MS in Finance | 10 months | full-time or part-time
    A program designed with industry. Focus in on financial management, investments and banking, or innovation and fintech. Embrace data analytics and technology.
  • MS in Technology Management and Innovation | 10 months | part-time
    Combine your technical expertise with business, finance and leadership skills to become a technology leader, or develop your own startup in the award-winning CEU InnovationsLab incubator.
  • Fintech Management Parallel Studies | 1 year | full-time or part-time
    Earn the MS in Finance and MS in Technology Management and Innovation. Become a fintech leader or develop your fintech startup.
  • Executive MBA | 28 months | modular
    The intellectual adventure of a lifetime for experienced managers who want to move from operational and functional expertise to a strategic level.

Apply by January 30 for the scholarship and internship programs contributed by CEU's endowment and valued industry partners:

  • Future of Big Data Scholarship & Training Program
  • Morgan Stanley Internship Program
  • Women in Technology Scholarship Program.

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See you there!