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Carlo Ginzburg: Secularism and Its Ambiguities. Three Case Studies

Thursday, December 5, 2019, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Is the world we inhabit secular or religious – or both? Obviously, the answer  depends from the place we inhabit, from the social environment we belong, and also from the different meanings  attached to the word “secularism”. (Recently, I have been told that  in  India  “secularism” means  “openness to all religions”). But there  is no doubt that the relationship between secularism and religions – punctuated by tensions, contentions, hybridizations – is full of ambiguities. The aim of these lectures  is to contribute to a better (and badly needed) understanding  of these issues.




December 5 -  III: Fake News? An Old New Story


            The third lecture will approach a much debated contemporary phenomenon – Fake News – in a long-term  perspective. To what extent are some disturbing features of the world we inhabit the outcome of a long, tortuous, unpredictable trajectory?

          An exercise in estrangement.


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