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Food Sovereignty Forum 2020

Food Sovereignty Forum Program
Saturday, January 25, 2020, 9:00 am – 5:45 pm

The Hungarian Permaculture Association, Vedegylet, Friends of the Earth Hungary and a number of coordinating partners invite you to attend the Food Sovereignty Forum 2020 which will take place on January 25th in CEU's Oktober 6 Street 7 Building. The day's events will include an opening discussion on the current situation of the food sovereignty movement in Hungary and Central Europe (9:30-10:00) a poster forum where you will have the chance to be introduce to the work of numerous local civic organizations and researchers whose work focuses on supporting food sovereignty movements.

In the afternoon six thematic workshops will focus on more detail on specific aspects of food sovereignty including: A global perspective on food sovereignty (Hungarian discussion), small producers as actors of  promoting food sovereignty (Hungarian discussion) , short food supply chains, CSA systems, food communities (Hungarian discussion), agroecology in Hungary (Hungarian discussion), circularity in organic waste systems (Hungarian discussion), and Action and participatory research for Food sovereignty in Hungary (English discussion).

The presentations in the morning program will be held in Hungarian but the poster introduction section will be bilingual. The action and participatory research for food sovereignty in Hungary workshop will be held in English. 

Please register for the conference here: