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Disability at CEU

Panel Discussion
Tuesday, March 10, 2020, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

- Do you know that we have a Student disability officer?

- Do you know that it is a voluntary position?

- Have you read the CEU disability policy? Do you find it helpful?

- Is it ok that every second student is immersed in self-blame and other forms of distress because of the workload and academic demands?

- Do you think xanax is a solution?

- Are you happy with the counsellors’ services quality?

- How come all of this is discussed every year and yet nothing changes for years?


Come and join an open conversation that we all really need, featuring the presentation of Student's Disability Office at CEU by Natália Nyikes and two studies on students' mental health and well-being with Gabriela de la Vega.The event is organised and hosted as part of the series of events dedicated to the celebration of the International Women's Day at CEU. 

The venues are wheel-chair accessible. If you require assistance, please contact 

Languages of the event: English