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Cancelled: Internship Funding Opportunties at CEU (Monday Session)

Internshpi Funding
Monday, March 16, 2020, 12:45 pm – 1:30 pm

Experiential learning, for example through participating in an internship, can be an important step towards building experience and skills for a future career. It’s also true that internship opportunities relevant to certain career paths are often unpaid or low-paid.  

Two offices, CEU’s Academic Cooperation and Research Support Office (ACRO) and the Career Services Office (CSO), administer competitive internship funds aimed at providing support to students who find internships that will allow them to gain relevant professional experience. Join one of the two sessions organized on both CEU campuses to hear directly from the two offices about the spring calls with application deadline April 15, 2020 and learn more about eligibility and evaluation criteria. There will be time for questions. Students are strongly encouraged to read the individual funding calls before attending the info session. Please see the calls below:  

Erasmus+ Internship Mobility Grants  

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Grants for Internships

CEU Internship Support Program (ISP) Fund 


Budapest N15 Quantum 101 room

Vienna QS C-210

If you plan to attend the session, please register here