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Perceptual epistemology without perceptual atoms

Tuesday, March 24, 2020, 3:30 pm – 5:10 pm

There is a lively debate in philosophy of  perception over whether the format of visual representation is iconic or discursive. In this talk, I argue that it is a constraint on an adequate account of visual format that it accommodate the dynamism of visual experience, that is, the way it extends through and develops over time. Since no option currently on the table satsifies that criterion, we need to rethink the models and metaphors we use to describe the format of visual representation. But doing so reveals a tension between that dynamism, and two fundamental assumptions in perceptual epistemology: that perception provides information that can, at least in principle, be segmented into units on which a perceiver can update their beliefs, and that perception is epistemically privileged in virtue of its constitutive link with the present moment.

The Rector of CEU announced that the University would be suspending all teaching, conferences, lectures and related activities at CEU until at least the 15th April, because of the corona virus crisis. This is in accord with the Hungarian government’s announcement that all universities in Hungary would be suspending classes and meetings. The talk will be organized through online platforms. If you are not a student of CEU Department of Philosophy and would like to join please send an RSVP.