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Careers in Research & Academia

Panel Discussion
Careers in
Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Interested in pursuing a career in academia or research, but not sure how to get there? During this online panel discussion, CEU alumni will talk about their career paths as academics and researchers, share tips and advice on how to leverage knowledge and skills as a Social Sciences and Humanities graduate, and provide insights into how Covid-19 might impact the sector. This event welcomes both masters and doctoral students.

Silvia Fierăscu
CEU PhD in Political Science with specialization in Network Science (2017), MA in Political Science (2011)

Silvia is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science, Philosophy and Communication Sciences and Researcher at the Big Data Science Laboratory at West University of Timișoara, Romania. Her research focuses on applications of network and data science for social good. She works in various international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary projects, translating complex problems into solutions for anti-corruption, institutional development, public communication, good governance, public policy, and civil society mobilization.

Hanh Nguyen  
CEU MPA, School of Public Policy (2017)

Hanh is a researcher at the Mixed Migration Centre of the Danish Refugee Council - Asia regional office. Previously, she was a researcher at the G7 and G20 Research Group in Canada and the Centre for Economic and Social Development in Myanmar, a policy consultant at the Global Green Growth Institute in Vietnam and a student consultant with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Hungary. Her research incorporates both quantitative and qualitative approaches, with a strong emphasis on well-being and protection issues of the most vulnerable groups. Hanh recently won the Decent Work prize of the ILO for the best research paper by an emerging scholar.

Alena Kudzko
CEU MA in International Relations and European Studies (2014)

Alena - currently Director of the GLOBSEC Policy Institute think tank in Bratislava - oversees policy development, research, and programming in the areas of defence and security, the future of Europe, global order, technology and society, and strategic communication.
Before joining GLOBSEC, she worked at various NGOs and academic institutions in Belarus, Estonia, and Hungary, specializing in the area of foreign relations, democratization, and community development. She further conducted research and project work with civil society organizations on the implementation and strengthening of liberal democratic norms and human rights. Alena graduated with honors and as the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award winner from Central European University.

Ștefan Cibian
CEU PhD in International Relations (2012), MA in Public Policy (2006)

Co-founder and executive director of the Făgăraș Research Institute in Romania, Ștefan is also teaching at Babeș-Bolyai University and is a consultant for Chatham House – The Royal Institute of International Affairs and The World Bank. Previously Ștefan worked with the Association for Community Relations, the European Commission, the EU Delegation to Senegal, and the Central European University (CEU). Besides CEU, he studied or conducted research at the University of California in L.A., University of Ljubljana, and Salzburg University, focusing on CEE / EU – Africa relations, development policy, international relations theory, peacebuilding, democratization, civil society, migration, and human rights. 


Spring 'Careers in' Event Series 

Aimed at introducing different professional areas and related career paths, our 'Spring Careers in’ online series will focus on the fields of human rights, research and academia, business law, and the NGO sector. Our guests will share their stories, give sector-specific career advice, and talk about the impacts of Covid-19 on their fields.