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Webinar by Gabor Holch (IRES '98): Virtual Teamwork Across Cultures

CEU Online Reunion
Thursday, May 14, 2020, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Join your CEU friends, classmates and fellow alumni from around the world for an interactive webinar on the challenges of leading intercultural teams in a virtual workplace at 2pm Budapest time on May 14 on Zoom. 

For years, some people were habitual users, some occasional visitors in virtual work, meeting and networking spaces. After an emergency transition due to COVID-19, people are developing a new comfort zone there, but it’s more suitable for some personalities, cultures and professions than others. This one-hour webinar with Shanghai-based (but currently Budapest-grounded) intercultural leadership consultant and IRES 1998 Alumnus Gabor Holch focuses on the challenges of multidisciplinary and intercultural teamwork in virtual spaces. He presents and invites discussion about problems when a team tips the balance between proactive and responsive or task-focused and people-focused team roles, and the significance of national, social and professional background. Then he proposes solutions learned through 20 years of diplomatic and consulting experience—and invites more discussion. 

Gabor Holch (IRES 1998) is an intercultural leadership consultant, coach, author and speaker who has served 100+ clients in 30+ countries. An expat since age 4, China-based since 2002 and working globally, Gabor is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) in English and Mandarin, certified consultant at the management academies of half a dozen global corporations and licensed in major assessment tools including DISC, the Predictive Index, NeuroColor and MBTI. 

Part of this year's CEU 2020 Online Alumni Reunion, this special webinar promises to be very interesting. Reserve your attendance today. (Zoom access codes will be sent to registrants.)

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