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How to Start a Career in Data Science

Data science, big data, career
Thursday, May 21, 2020, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Big data, data science, data visualization, AI ...

Have you ever thought about pursuing a career related to these fields?

Whether this has already crossed your mind, or perhaps strikes you now as very interesting, feel free to join us to hear data scientists discuss their careers and the path they took to create them, as well as the challenges and highlights of their work. You are also welcome to ask questions (in the chat section) during this live event.

Confirmed Panelists

Mona Eldam, Global Head of the Transactional Data Team and Managing Director at Morgan Stanley

Mona joined Morgan Stanley in 1999 as an Associate in Operations Technology in New York, and has since held a number of roles within various Technology divisions. Prior to working at Morgan Stanley, Mona was a consultant on state government financial systems. As part of her commitment to diversity, Mona is co-leading the India Technology Diversity Council at Morgan Stanley. Mona earned her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from UCLA and her Master's degree in Science for Information Systems from NYU. Mona relocated from New York to India in March 2020.

Kinga Szabo, Consultant, Data Analyst and Report Specialist at Morgan Stanley

Kinga is a data scientist, a specialist in software design. Now working as a consultant, Kinga has gained experience in pharma and IT support sectors, most recently as data analyst and report specialist. Before that, she was creating dozens of different reports, KPIs mainly for different Clinical Trial Systems with different tools, like BI, SQL, PL/SQL. She has just finished her data scientist studies at KURT academy.

Eszter Szenasi, Associate Analytical Consultant at SAS Institute

Eszter Szenasi is a young data scientist working at SAS Institute Kft, Hungary as an associate analytical consultant. During her work at SAS, she has gained experience in the public, banking and private sectors over the past 2 years. She is also a SAS certified forecasting and optimization specialist. She graduated in June last year from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics with a degree in Applied Mathematics, majoring in operations research.

Aniko Urban, Analytical Consultant at SAS Institute

Anikó Urbán works as an Analytical Consultant at SAS Institute Hungary. She provides analytical and consulting services in different projects and domains (finance, agriculture). Her main areas of expertise are banking analytical solutions (fraud detection, risk management, credit scoring/rating), data preparation, general statistics, predictive modelling and reporting in the area of risk and fraud.

Eszter Windhager-Pokol, Head of Data Science at Starschema

Eszter Windhager-Pokol has more than 10 years experience in supporting data-driven decision-making as a consultant. Earlier she spent almost 3 years developing a machine learning driven IT security tool. Besides consultancy, she also has experience in teaching data science from the basic level to advanced analytics courses. She is an organizer of the R-Ladies Budapest meetup group and participates in program committees of several international data science conferences.