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PhD defense (Erzsebet Judit Rariga): Essays on Firm and Household Borrowing

Budapest campus
Monday, September 21, 2020, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

The Department of Economics and Business cordially invites you to the online Public Defense of the PhD Dissertation
Erzsebet Judit Rariga
Essays on Firm and Household Borrowing

Members of the Defense Committee:
Supervisor: Adam Szeidl (CEU)
External member: Janos Kollo (KRTK KTI)
Internal member: Miklos Koren (CEU)

Chair: Laszlo Matyas (CEU)


This thesis studies firms' and households’ borrowing decisions. In the first chapter,  I study the longterm borrowing behavior of firms exposed to a large and unexpected financial shock. In the second chapter (joint work with Pálma Filep-Mosberger and Attila Lindner), we investigate firm-bank relationship formation. In the third chapter (joint work with Győző Gyöngyösi and Emil Verner), we study the consumption response of increased household debt by exploiting a household foreign currency debt crisis in Hungary.


For further information, contact Veronika Orosz, program coordinator (