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Flipping the Script - a Short Documentary Screening for the Long Night of Research

Online Event
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Friday, October 9, 2020, 8:30 pm

“Flipping the Script” (3:39) is a short video documentary by Ifra Asad, Sara Rizkallah & Mackenzie Nelson and tells the untold story of Amal, a fictional character in the story “Spiced Shame” written by Egyptian comic artist Hicham Rahma.

Join us for this special screening of a short documentary produced in courses supported by the Central European University Library’s Mirabaud Media Lab, which are part of the curriculum of the Advanced Certificate program in Visual Theory and Practice. The Media Lab is the center for Media Creation at CEU. It is a resource for students, faculty, and staff to produce and edit multimedia projects related to their scholarship and research interests, and for instruction in courses that incorporate the Hub’s specialized equipment and applications. It is also a space to collaborate and connect with CEU’s vibrant and growing filmmaking and audio production communities. The Advanced Certificate in Visual Theory and Practice (VTP) offers students the core knowledge and the skills to pursue visual research and the creation of visual works related to their own fields of study. It is a cross-disciplinary program giving MA and PhD students the opportunity to engage with visuality and visual methodologies during their studies.

Flipping the Script - YouTube