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PhD defense (Janos Karoly Divenyi): Three Essays on Causal Effects: Identification in a Novel Setting and Two Empirical Studies

Budapest campus
Monday, October 26, 2020, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm


The Department of Economics and Business cordially invites you to the online Public Defense of the PhD Dissertation
Janos Karoly Divenyi
Three Essays on Causal Effects: Identification in a Novel Setting and Two Empirical Studies

Members of the Defense Committee:
Supervisor: Robert Lieli (CEU)
External member: Gabor Korosi (KRTK KTI)
Internal member: Gabor Bekes (CEU)

Chair: Andrea Weber (CEU)



The thesis consists of three chapters on causal effects: in each of them I aim to deepen our understanding about causal relationships. In the first chapter I investigate how we can identify causal effects from adaptively collected data which is becoming more and more widespread in the modern on-line world. Running Monte-Carlo simulations I illustrate how adaptivity biases the standard treatment effect estimators and I recommend a new strategy that balances between the decision-maker’s welfare and estimation goals. The remaining two chapters are empirical studies aimed at estimating causal effects in two policy-relevant settings. In the second chapter I examine the effect of retirement on cognitive performance, taking a unifying approach by replicating previous studies and tracing back the differences in their results to various identification problems. I propose a new identification strategy that suggests that the effect is close to zero. In the third chapter (co-authored with Sandor Sovago) we study the effect of elite schools on competency scores using non-parametric bound identification. Our results show that the effect is heterogenous being more expressed for high ability students; this result has important implications for the validity of previous studies that mainly estimate the effect around the admission cutoffs exploiting the discontinuity.


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