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POSTPONED Favoriten Urban Challenge - Discovering Vienna

Image: Eutropian
Saturday, November 7, 2020, 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm

In light with the current COVID-19 measures, the event is postponed to the Spring semester

IMPORTANT:Please be aware that there are potentially changing risk levels in Vienna which might impact the event last minute - in that case, the event will have to be cancelled.

Please make sure to take great care of health and safety regulations. In accordance with the public life measures of the city of Vienna, it is mandatory to maintain a social distance of at least 1-meter with other people, cover your mouth and nose with a mask in all indoor spaces, at markets and fairs, as well as in large crowds of people. Please cancel your participation if you have any symptoms.


Ready for an adventure? No need to travel far! Discover Favoriten - a versatile, multi-ethnic, historical working-class district of Vienna. Multiple layers of history converge in its urban fabric, buildings, and people. Join us for one of the three thematic games, designed by Eutropian, the Viennese urbanism organization.  Organised by CEU Culture Hub.

Favoriten is the place of urban transformation, where diverse and alternative culture takes over the industrial past. Through fun tasks around its urban heritage sites, rare and disappearing gems, and innovative urban communities’ projects you will have a chance to explore the different realities of Favoriten and build deeper connections to the city. 

Meet locals, improvise in cooking, score in basketball, and ask some of the burning questions: How does the industrial space shape new artistic or ecological initiatives? How the new housing models of Vienna rethink the concept of community? Why do traditional movie theatres lose their audiences? Where to get the best ice cream in Vienna? Where to have a picnic in a densely populated urban area? How can you improve your quality of life through services found in Vienna? How can you positively impact the lives of others through volunteering? and more...

Prepare your comfy shoes, your cameras, and phones and join us for the Favoriten Urban Challenge! Let’s make Vienna feel like home!

Meeting and starting point: Auditorium, CEU

Please register here:

You can choose from three walks - all the three will take place between 14-16.30 / 2-4.30 pm, on November 7, Saturday

1. Industrial heritage to new architectures

Favoriten does not only wear the traces of its industrial past, with breweries, bread factories and military complexes, but also witnesses large transformation in its Northeasternmost area, the new Sonnwendviertel. From factories and breweries, through an architecture gallery and new community housing projects, this walk brings participants across architectures and concepts of work and living from different ages. 

Industrial heritage







Image: Eutropian









Image: Eutropian

2. Workers movement and welfare

As a working class district, Favoriten has an important role in Vienna’s workers movement and concentrates a great number of the legacies of the Red Vienna’s welfare policies, with its public baths, workers’ homes, adult education centres and local participation offices. The walk along these venues allows a glimpse into the unique welfare model of Vienna and its current transformations. 


Image: Eutropian





Image: Eutropian









Image: Eutropian


3. Diversity and inclusion

In recent decades, Favoriten became home to an increasingly diverse population with many groups with different ethnic backgrounds as well as religious or sexual orientation, all of whom claim their place in the district in the form of ethnic businesses, LGBT clubs, refugee integration projects and multi-ethnic markets. The walk gives an insight into the district’s diversity and connects parallel worlds that co-exist without knowing each other. 

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Image: Eutropian






Wikimedia Commons