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How to communicate effectively and connect meaningfully on Zoom

How to communicate effectively and connect meaningfully on Zoom
Wednesday, November 11, 2020, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Communicating on Zoom has become a way of life for our entire planet. This workshop will address the unique challenges of communicating effectively on Zoom or on any other online platform. 

We’ll discuss how to communicate our ideas successfully, how to understand those of others accurately, and how to make meaningful connections while seeing our conversation partners only on screen.

We’ll look at three stages of online communication:

  1. Before: how we can prepare for a successful Zoom call. 

  1. During: what we can do during an online call to get our points across and to practice active listening. In this section, we’ll also discuss behaviors that help strengthen the personal connection among parties involved. 

  1. After: how should we follow up and what should we reiterate at this stage of our communication. 

This is a workshop aimed at strengthening a practical skill through as much active participation as an online
environment allows. Reserve your attendance today. (Zoom access codes will be sent to registrants.)

BIO: Adrienn Olson (BUSI'12) helps professionals express themselves with clarity and confidence. As a Communications Consultant, she offers a wide range of Public Speaking and Business Presentations tools and training – working with universities, through on-line education offerings, with private clients, and in civic involvement.  

Adrienn is adjunct faculty at Warsaw University of Technology’s Business School. She also runs a YouTube channel called Communication Plus focusing on topics in communication and personal development.

She has served as a speaking coach to TEDx CEU in the past three consecutive years. Adrienn had the honor of stepping on the TEDx stage herself at Debrecen University in 2017. In December 2019 she launched an online course titled “Speak with confidence” through the global educational platform, Udemy. 

Adrienn Olson completed her formal education with an MBA degree. She studied at the School for International Training in the United States, at CEU, and at New York University’s Stern School of Business.