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I Love My Ideas - Creativity Workshop with Bea Palya

Palya Bea
Monday, January 25, 2021, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Explore and transform your creativity through an interactive workshop with the inspirational singer-songwriter Bea Palya. The session aims encouraging you to reach your own most authentic ideas and desires which are truly about you. It will focus on the nature of creativity and Bea will show her favourite creativity boost techniques that she has developed throughout the years. If you feel distanced from your creative energies and you would like to unlock your creativity, the workshop is for you.

Bea Palya is a distinctive figure of the Hungarian world music and songwriter scene. Her early career was influenced by Hungarian folk songs mixed with Bulgarian, Jewish and Gypsy music as a result of her inquiry to learn more about her ethnic roots. Bea takes traditional elements and builds something completely new from them that even hit radio stations like to pick up. The pure honesty of her lyrics inspires you to think, as she taps into social and personal topics of everyday life. Her amazing vocal skills, stage presence and ability to connect with her audience draws you in the very minute she walks into the spotlight. Now that she's back from maternity, Bea is ready to return to the international scene with her always renewing soundscape.

This online presentation of a well-known Hungarian singer-songwriter Bea Palya is a small, but essential part of her more-week-long online course which has been on the market for many years in Hungarian language.

Registration is free, register here:

Registrants will be notified about further event details until January 22