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Networking and Informational Interviews (Master's Students)

Career Camp 2021
Thursday, February 4, 2021, 12:45 pm – 1:30 pm

When exploring career paths, applying for jobs, or relocating to different countries, your connections can be a great source of information and mentorship. The connections you cultivate may serve as a fast-track referral route into your dream job. This session aims to equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to reach out to organizations and professionals of interest and begin building your network.  

During this session, you will learn:  

  • What networking really is and isn’t 
  • Practical ways to identify and initiate career connections 
  • How to leverage LinkedIn and informational interviews in the networking process 
  • How to propose, prepare for, and conduct an informational interview 

This event can be attended via Zoom (you will receive a link after you register). Please register in advance here!

The CEU Career Camp is a two-week crash course that gives you the tools to find and apply for jobs/ internships and conduct successful networking. With 11 different sessions, there is something for everyone!