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Book Presentation "The Case for Degrowth" and Q&A Discussion with the author Federico Demaria

Federico Demaria
Friday, February 26, 2021, 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Book Presentation The Case for Degrowth and Q&A Discussion with the author Federico Demaria

“The Case for Degrowth provides the why, the where and the how of a better economy and a richer society. Its vision is needed now more than ever.”
Tim Jackson, Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity.

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Abstract of the Book
The relentless pursuit of economic growth is the defining characteristic of contemporary societies. Yet it benefits few and demands monstrous social and ecological sacrifice. Is there a viable alternative? How can we halt the endless quest to grow global production and consumption and instead secure socio-ecological conditions that support lives worth living for all? 

In this compelling book, leading experts Giorgos Kallis, Susan Paulson, Giacomo D’Alisa and Federico Demaria make the case for degrowth - living well with less, by living differently, prioritizing wellbeing, equity and sustainability. Drawing on emerging initiatives and enduring traditions around the world, they advance a radical degrowth vision and outline policies to shape work and care, income and investment that avoid exploitative and unsustainable practices. Degrowth, they argue, can be achieved through transformative strategies that allow societies to slow down by design, not disaster.

About the Presenter
Federico Demaria is an assistant professor in ecological economics and political ecology at the University of Barcelona, and associate researcher at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology at Autonomous University of Barcelona . My main research interest is to understand the relationship between the environment and the economy. He has consolidated experience in international and national competitive research projects, and presently being deputy coordinator of the ERC project EnvJustice (led by Prof. Joan Martinez-Alier) which maps and analyses social conflicts between the environment and the economy. Overall, he has published more than 20 academic articles in highly ranked journals, 15 book chapters, as well as edited 5 special issues and 3 successful books (one of which translated into more than 10 languages). Other publications are featured in The Guardian, The Ecologist, The Conversation, Open Democracy, (Spain) and Mediapart (France). He is editor for the journal of Sustainability Science. He has given over 100 talks and presentations in more than 25 countries mainly at scientific conferences, but also for the general public and policy makers, including at the House of Commons, Oxford University, and the European Commission.

CEU Online Event Structure:

Introduction to the book and presenters by Julian Willming, master student of Environmental Sciences and Policy (MESPOM), followed by a talk by Federico Demaria outlining the need, political implementation and transformation towards a degrowth society. After the talk, the floor is open for a critical reflection on the book and degrowth per se.


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