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March 8 Book Launch On the occasion of International Women’s Day

Book Launch
book launch
Monday, March 8, 2021, 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm

Two New Books on the History of Women’s Activism

Veronika Helfert (Postdoctoral Fellow, CEU), Women, Stand up! A Women’s and Gender History of the Austrian Revolution and Council Movement, 1916-1924 (in German). Göttingen, Vanden-hoeck & Ruprecht, 2021, 399 pages, ISBN: 978-3-8471-1184-9
Presented by Matthew Stibbe, Professor of Modern European History at Sheffield Hallam University. Matthew Stibbe is working on women and revolutionary movements during and after the First World War and has recently published a study on civilian internment during the First World War (2019).

Susan Zimmermann (University Professor, CEU), Women’s Politics and Men’s Trade Unionism. International Gender Poli-tics, Female IFTU Trade Unionists and the Workers’ and Wom-en’s Movements of the Interwar Period (in German). Vienna, Löcker Verlag, 2021, 720 pages, ISBN 978 - 3-99098-026-2
Presented by Dorothea Hoehtker, Historian and Senior Researcher at the Research Department of the International Labour Organization. Dorothea Hoehtker has coordinated the ILO re-search and publication activities related to the 100th anniversary of the ILO in 2019.

Chair: Francisca de Haan, CEU, Department of Gender Studies
Closing Remarks: László Kontler, CEU, Department of History


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The zoom-link to the online-event will be shared on March 8.