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Movement as (Re)Charging Practice 2.0 - workshop

Movement as Recharging Practice 2.0
Monday, March 22, 2021, 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm

The next opportunity to move and recharge your batteries is coming!

Márta Ladjánszki is a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and artistic Vice-President of L1 Association, an NGO of independent, freelance artists from the performative contemporary scene. In June and July 2020 Márta has already led a Horton Technique-based workshop for beginners in the framework of CEU Culture Hub Initiative. We wanted to continue this collaboration in a somewhat different format, therefore Márta invited Noémi Anna Kovács, another member of L1 Association as well as CEU staff member at the ACRO unit who has danced in various of her dance pieces. Since 2019 Noémi has been leading "Office Gym" sessions to her colleagues twice a week to revitalize the tortured office body by simple, yet enjoyable stretching workout.
Márta and Noémi will join again forces in order to offer you a recharging method and tools to move your body away from the screen for a little while.
There's no need to have any background in dance!


Please prepare for the online class:
• around 3x3 m space at your home/office/garden (work with what is available; at your own risk of course)
• good internet connection (preferably with a computer and not just mobile phone, to have good connection)
• comfortable clothes for workout
• a yoga mat or smaller carpet, if you have, for exercises on the floor
• towel and water if you need, during the class
• check-in 5-10 minutes earlier so that we can start on time


Language: English
Participation: free of charge

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