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Who's Afraid of Teleology?

Online Event
The Metaphysics of Teleology
Thursday, March 25, 2021, 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Teleology has been banished from nature and society, and its proponents are often associated with somewhat suspicious theories like intelligent design or orthodox Marxism. Since recent empirical studies appear to show that humans, especially children, are predisposed to accept false teleological explanations, it is easy to conclude that teleology is an inborn cognitive bias that has been corrected by modern natural and social science. Daniel Kodaj will argue that there is too much confusion about the nature and varieties of teleology for such claims to be justified. The teleological explanations that the folk tend to accept could be correct. Moreover, there probably is teleology in nature, and perhaps in society as well.

The talk showcases the research project on the metaphysics of teleology hosted by the Center for Religious Studies.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: The chief goal of the "Meant to Be: Resuscitating the Metaphysics of Teleology" project is to foster intelligent debate on philosophical issues concerning science, religion, and their conflicts and connections.
The CEU Center for Religious Studies is proud to be hosting this project, which has also received generous support from the New Horizons for Science and Religion in Central and Eastern Europe initiative, the Ian Ramsey Centre, and the John Templeton Foundation.

To find out more about this project, please visit its website: