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WWF Strategic Planning Workshop

WWF Strategic Planning Workshop
Friday, March 26, 2021, 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Do you want to get an insight into the management and operation of an international conservation organization?

Do you want to experience how the process of long-term strategic planning process works in a complex international organization?

Do you want to learn about development and conservation issues that WWF works on in Central and Eastern Europe?

Join us for a consultation workshop on March 26 at 15:30 CET with WWF-CEE core organizational team and get an opportunity to express your opinion and help the strategic planning process that will map out and frame the future work of WWF-CEE.

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Let’s talk about how WWF is viewed by younger people, how it can become more relevant to youth and what can such an organization do to attract more young people to get involved in their work?

WWF Central and Eastern Europe is currently developing a strategic plan and direction for its work and development for the period of next 10 years. In this dynamic process, WWF-CEE wants to include young people and students in order to collect general recommendations, feedback and input that might be overlooked and underemphasized by the leadership and organizational team.

WWF Central and Eastern Europe (WWF-CEE), manages WWF’s conservation activities in Central and South-Eastern Europe, including particularly Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine as well as Czech Republic and Moldova. It further coordinates and leads WWF’s conservation activities across the broader Danube Basin and Carpathian Mountains. WWF-CEE has ca 170 staff working across 10 offices. Much of the program focuses on trans-boundary issues, coordinating work on a range of issues, especially related to freshwater, forestry, sustainable development and mostly EU-related policy. WWF-CEE's main strategy is to combine model field activities with high-level lobbying and public awareness-raising.

Contact details in case of specific inquiries about the workshop:*

*Halima is doing an internship at WWF CEE as part of her Environmental Practicum course this semester.