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Finance@CEU: Innovation and Investment - Can Cats and Dogs Be Friends?

Finance@CEU Thu Apr 22 5.30pm: Innovation and Investment - Can Cats and Dogs Be Friends? Balázs Vinnai W.UP Codecool
Thursday, April 22, 2021, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

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Innovation and Investment - Can Cats and Dogs Be Friends?

There are countless slogans that people like to use both in the startup scene and in the world of investors. Nevertheless, it is often difficult to communicate, or one side does not understand the other. Therefore, it is wise not to get lost in the jungle of buzzwords. 

Through the example of my former and current companies, I would like to explain my entrepreneurial and innovative strategy. Visions are important, but the knowledge of the market and the needs of the industry are even more important. And then we have to talk about timing, which is crucial. And the role of communication - with employees, investors or customers - must not be forgotten. In the end, it's also the luck factor that counts, which you as an innovative entrepreneur absolutely need.

Balázs Vinnai | Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor | W.UP, Codecool

Balázs Vinnai is a Hungarian entrepreneur, investor and mentor for growth/stage companies. He is an experienced and awarded leader with a demonstrated history of working in the Digital Banking industry. He is a strong entrepreneurship professional skilled in Digital Transformation, Retail Banking, Financial Software Business and EdTech. He is the founder and president of Codecool, one of the leading coding schools, and also president of W.UP., the go-to digital sales company for banks in Europe with a team of 100+ highly skilled fintech specialists. He is Vice President of the Committee of Software Development and Innovation in the Association of IT Companies (IVSZ). He established the company, which operates the working portal of Tokaj, which is also functioning as a web shop at present.