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Off Limits. A Roundtable Discussion on Memory Culture and its Challenges

The John Heartfield Exhibition
Friday, April 23, 2021, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

As a result of transnational developments, the last decade or so has seen the resurgence of fascist (or, “populist-nationalist”) tendencies in memory cultures across Europe and beyond. Cosmopolitan modes of memory as they had developed since the nineteen seventies have been unable to effectively respond to these unsettling tendencies. This roundtable discussion invites memory scholars to reflect on the limitations and shortcomings of our contemporary memory regime and the underlying humanitarian model. Furthermore, they will present diverse research initiatives that seek to reformulate our conceptual-discursive framework for thinking about memory in its relation to our contemporary world and its social and political conflicts.

The event will be held on ZOOM. To request a link please RSVP to Dr. Andrey Demidov at 

The event picture is a part of The John Heartfield Exhibition. The picture is titled 'Never again' (1962), the author - John Heartfield.