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CEU Executive MBA: Vienna Open Day

Social Event
Monday, April 26, 2021, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Unique Open Day event in Vienna, giving you a taste of THE EMBA FOR THE OPEN WORLD®


  • Join us in Vienna to learn about CEU Executive MBA -- one of the most vibrantly international, innovative EMBA programs in Europe.
  • Get an overview of our leadership philosophy and commitment to Open Society.
  • Engage with our students and alumni.
  • Get a sense of the in-class experience by engaging with Prof. Tomy Lee, Professor of Finance and Keynote Speaker of the event.



Event Agenda:

6:00 PM (CEST ): Welcome by Thomas Lammel, CEU Executive MBA Senior Program Manager

6:05 PM (CEST): Presenting CEU Executive MBA, Thomas Lammel, Senior Program Manager, CEU Executive MBA

6:30 PM (CEST): Q&A Sessions with current CEU Executive MBA participants

6:40 PM (CEST): CEU Executive MBA for me: Global alumni impact

6:45PM (CEST): Keynote Speech: "Shadow Banking - Is it our of Control" -- Prof. Tomy Lee; discussion

7:15PM (CEST): General Q&A Session




CEU Executive MBA is a modular program for experienced managers designed by Central European University -- a leading American university in Europe, with the campuses in Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary. CEU Executive MBA is simultaneously accredited in the state of New York, US and Austria. Learn more about the program by visiting our website: