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CEU Business Masters Open Day: Female Leadership and Gender Gap within Firms: Evidence from an Italian Board Reform

CEU Business Masters Open Day: Female Leadership and Gender Gap within Firms: Evidence from an Italian Board Reform
Wednesday, April 28, 2021, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

 Are you a graduate, career changer, or mid-career professional? Advance your career with CEU's one-year business master's programs. Study full-time or part-time. Study in Budapest with trips to Vienna.


Join us online to learn about CEU's specialized business master's programs in Business Analytics and Finance. Hear about career outcomes, working during your studies, partner schools, and learn about the workshops we provide to achieve your career goals. Have an informal chat with faculty and students. Get all your questions answered about life at CEU!

How to Join on Zoom

Zoom link:…
Meeting ID: 964 2321 8103
Passcode: CEU2021

Post any questions to the comments section on Facebook, we will make sure to answer them.

What to Expect

18:00-18:10 CEU's Business Master's Programs – Quick Facts 
18:10-18:30  Female Leadership and Gender Gap within Firms: Evidence from an Italian Board Reform– Talk by Andrea Weber
18:30-19:00 The CEU Experience – Q&A and Panel Discussion with Students and Faculty

Female Leadership and Gender Gap within Firms: Evidence from an Italian Board Reform – Andrea Weber

The authors evaluate a 2011 Italian law that installed a step-wise increase in gender quota that remains effective for three consecutive board renewals of listed limited liability firms. They link firm-level information on board membership and board election dates with detailed employment and earnings records from the Social Security registers. Exploiting the staggered introduction of the gender quota regulation and variation in board renewal years across firms, the authors evaluate the effect of the board gender composition on measures of gender diversity in top positions over a period of four years. While the reform substantially raised the female membership on corporate boards, results show only moderate and imprecisely estimated spillover effects on the representation of women in top executive or top earnings positions.


Earn a professional U.S. Master of Science designed and taught with industry. Join a world-class international community in Budapest and Vienna. Study full-time as a graduate or career changer, or continue your career and study part-time. Join a top partner business school on four continents. Work with startups, incubate your own in the award-winning CEU InnovationsLab.


  • MS in Business Analytics – Learn the full spectrum of skills to create value from big data. Cover a unique mix of data analytics, computer science and business. Complete your training with use case seminars, specialist courses on text mining, deep learning or agile project management, and a capstone project.
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