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EVIDENCE-BASED POLICY MAKING  - a collaborative event of WIFO, IHS and CEU

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Thursday, May 27, 2021, 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Evidence-Based Policy Making - A collaborative event of WIFO, IHS and CEU

Online via Zoom


1:00 – 1:30 WELCOME AND OPENING             

Michael G. Ignatieff, Rector and President of CEU

Robert Skidelsky, Professor Emeritus at Warwick University


1:30 – 3:00 KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS and Discussion

Moderation: Donia Lasinger (WWTF)


Silvia Rocha-Akis (WIFO): Redistribution by the State in Austria and first evidence on the impact of COVID-19 on household incomes

2:00 - 2:30

Klaus Weyerstrass (IHS): New short-term macroeconomic indicators and their general usefulness for economic nowcasting


Botond Köszegi, Paul Heidhues, Takeshi Murooka (CEU):  Procrastination Markets




3:15 – 4:45   CONCURRENT ROUND-TABLE SESSIONS on How is data being used to inform public policy

BREAK-OUT SESSION 1: Global Crises and Policy Response

Rapporteur: Josef Baumgartner (WIFO)

Sebastian Koch, Richard Sellner (IHS): The new economic high frequency monitoring tool of IHS – insights and challenges of collecting data

Michael Miess, Sebastian Poledna (IHS, WU, IIASA): Economic forecasting and policy analysis with an empirically estimated agent-based model for Austria

Christian Glocker, Serguei Kaniovski (WIFO): Structural modeling and forecasting using a cluster of dynamic factor models


BREAK-OUT SESSION 2: Data Driven Policy Making

Rapporteur: Viktoria Poltoratskaya (CEU)

Mihály Fazekas, Alexandre Borges de Oliveira, Abdoulaye Fabregas (CEU): Strategic Sourcing 2.0: Improving Fiscal Efficieny Using Big Data

Julia Bachtrögler-Unger, Mathieu Doussineau (WIFO): EU research & innovation funding schemes: Using project-level data for monitoring & evaluation

Anna Durnová (IHS): Between expertise and emotions: post-factual lesson for a sustainable evidence-based decision making


BREAK-OUT SESSION 3: Labor Markets and Institutions 

Rapporteur: Susanne Forstner (IHS)

Monika Merz, Almut Balleer, Tamas Papp (University of Vienna): Couples’ Time Use in the Aggregate: Evidence from a Structural Model

Andrea Weber (CEU): Waiting for Recall? Evidence from Temporary Layoffs in Austria

Helmut Mahringer, Rainer Eppel, René Böheim (WIFO): More Effective and Cheaper? Cost-Revenue Analysis for “BBEN” – a New Counselling and Care Format for Persons with Multiple Placement Obstacles





Moderation: Thomas König (IHS)

  Round table’s rapporteurs report for 5-10 min per group

  60min discussion/conclusions with representatives of governance and research:

  • Martin Kocher (Federal Minister, Austrian Ministry for Labour)
  • Barbara Prainsack (Head of the Dept. of Political Science, University of Vienna)
  • Thomas Starlinger (Security Advisor to the Federal President)
  • Tobias Thomas (Director General of Statistics Austria, University of Düsseldorf)
  • Christine Zulehner (Department of Economics, University of Vienna and WIFO)