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The night of the museums

Arts & Entertainment
Goldberger House (Blinken OSA)
Saturday, June 26, 2021, 4:00 pm – 11:59 pm

The night of the museums 

On the Night of the Museums, the Blinken OSA, together with Partizán, will address the night of the museums: the current conditions of public collections in Hungary. 

Can we talk about endangered public collections in Hungary? On June 26, in a temporary studio set up in the Blinken OSA, the YouTube Channel Partizán will welcome public collection workers and experts to talk about the current condition of museums, archives, and libraries in Hungary. During the past decade, the Blinken OSA has become a safe haven for endangered collections. Visitors to the Archives can attend house tours focusing on the endangered collections preserved here. (The program is in Hungarian.)

8.00–12.00 p.m. The night of the museums. Partizán live from the Blinken OSA. Details soon! 

4.00–12.00 p.m. House tours every two hours. 

Exhibition hall and archives in a historic building. The Goldberger House, an industrial monument, is open to the public once a year. Its basement holds records of the fieldwork that underpinned Radio Free Europe's broadcasts during the Cold War, as well as collections of human rights documents. This year, the house tours highlight the endangered collections preserved here. 


Entry is only possible for house tour participants with valid immunity cards.