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Advances in the Quantified Argument Calculus

Thursday, September 9, 2021, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

The Quantified Argument Calculus (Quarc) is a new logic system, developed by Hanoch Ben-Yami and other philosophers and logicians. Its basic departure from Frege’s logic is in its treatment of quantification: quantifiers are not sentential operators but connect to one‑place predicates to form arguments – quantified arguments – of other predicates. Quarc is closer to natural language in its syntax and the inferences it validates than the first-order Predicate Calculus, while being at least as strong as the latter.

By now, Quarc comprises a family of closely related systems. On all or some of its versions, Quarc has been shown to be sound and complete; to contain and validate Aristotle’s assertoric logic; it separates quantification from existence, shedding new light on logic’s ontological commitments, and lack thereof; it has been extended to modality, invalidating its analogues of the Barcan formulas; three-valued versions of it have been developed, capturing presupposition failure; additional quantifiers have been incorporated in it, such as ‘most’ and ‘more’; several Quarc proof systems have been developed, including sequent calculi, and its metalogical properties have been researched in depth; the image of the Predicate Calculus it contains shows in what sense quantification in the latter is restricted relative to Quarc’s; and more. Further research is currently being conducted, and there’s much potential in additional directions.

The conference will bring together researchers who are currently working on Quarc, to present their most recent results and work-in-progress.

 A recording of an introductory talk on Quarc, by Ben-Yami, delivered as a World Logic Day event, is available here. A Quarc publications page is found here.


There are a few slots for contributed talks of 45 min. including discussion. Early-career researchers and graduate students are especially encouraged to contribute. Please submit an extended abstract of up to two-pages (not including references) by 02 August 2021. Abstracts should be sent to


02 August 2021: Abstract submission deadline

13 August 2021: Notification

09 September 2021: Conference


Registration is free but required. To register and obtain a link to the conference talks, please write to Schedule and talk titles will be published later.


Hanoch Ben-Yami
Hongkai Yin