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Getting Connected - here and now - Improvisational Theater Workshop

Getting connected
Tuesday, October 19, 2021, 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

An Improvisational Theater 3-hour-long workshop based on the elements of Storytelling.

Most of you just arrived to Vienna. You come from different places, with different stories. This workshop invites you to get connected, to share, listen and play out with each other stories, to enjoy the beuty and diversity of who we are, here and now.
To get to know each other better, not only as CEU Fellows but as travellers through life.

We will work with Storytelling, elements of Improvisational Theater.
All you need is to allow your spontaneity, creativity and sensitivity to come alive and listen to others. There is nothing like right or wrong as we will resonate and play with each other.


Workshop leader and trainer:
Dr. Aniko Kaposvari, accredited Playback Theater Trainer of the Center for Playback Theater in NY, USA, Co-Founder of the Adhoc Theater in Vienna. She has been living in Vienna for 20 years.

You can sign up for the workshop here: 


COVID Protocols:

To ensure safety of our community, participants are requested to follow the 3G rule, and keep social distance.

Only full vaccination or a PCR test (not antigen) plus ID card will permit entry to the Vienna campus. 

FF2P masks are required to enter the campus, in hallways and in common places, and strongly recommended in classes and shared offices.

Please see the up-to-date COVID regulations for Vienna here.

Please note that depending on the official situation, even stricter rules may be imposed and COVID protocols may change before the event.