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The Sorry, Sorry State of State Media

The sorry, sorry state of state media
Thursday, October 21, 2021, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

We usually look at state media through the state-controlled media versus independent public media dichotomy. But that approach to understanding the role of the government in the media has many limits and can be misleading. CMDS Director Marius Dragomir created a new typology to better analyze the state media and applied it to 151 countries in the world. The results, collected in a study launched by the CMDS last month, are baffling: nearly 80% of the 546 state-administered media companies in these countries lack editorial independence. Of the 110 state media that have editorial independence, only 18 qualify as independent public service media: 11 of them are based in Europe, and most of them in five Western European countries.

On 21 Oct at 5 PM CET, in an online live program organized by the CMDS, Marius Dragomir will talk to Minna Aslama about the study, its findings and the importance of keeping of an eye on state media. 

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You can download the study HERE