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What We Owe to Ourselves ​A Conference on Duties to Oneself

Dennis Wells - Alone in a crowd
Friday, October 29, 2021, 10:00 am – Saturday, October 30, 2021, 6:00 pm

The topic of duties to oneself is experiencing a resurgence in philosophy. In the last few decades, philosophers have tended to neglect, if not deny, the traditional idea that we might owe things to ourselves, and that morality might require us to treat ourselves with care and dignity. In recent years, however, several philosophers have begun to explore this side of morality again.

​While duties to oneself are thus back on the agenda of current philosophical research, there are very few events, special issues, edited volumes, or formal or informal networks dedicated to their systematic examination. As a result, although a number of philosophers are currently thinking and writing about duties to oneself, the field would greatly benefit from a higher level of coordination and exchange between these researchers.

This conference is an attempt to enable this kind of coordination and exchange. By bringing together philosophers working on duties to oneself and connected areas, such as self-knowledge, self-directed reactive attitudes, or rights against oneself, it aims to foster a fruitful exchange of ideas and thereby move the debate to the next level.


Yuliya Kanygina (University of Gothenburg/CEU)
Andrés Moles (CEU)
Daniel Muñoz (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill )
Simon Rippon (CEU)
Janis David Schaab (University of Groningen)


Artwork for poster: Dennis Wells - Alone in a crowd