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Nature-based Solutions for Resilient Cities panel discussion: introducing what we do at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy

Tuesday, November 2, 2021, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

The Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy is inviting to get a view on research we conduct based on collaboration of faculty and students on the topic of

Nature-based solutions

Presenters are Prof. Laszlo Pinter (Head of Department), Dora Almassy, PhD (Post-doc Researcher) and Judit Boros (Phd researcher, student) from the department.

Nature-based solutions (NBS), such as green roofs and walls, green corridors, urban parks, or riverside restoration projects, are cost-effective interventions inspired and supported by nature, providing environmental, social, and economic benefits simultaneously. We will provide an overview of how NBS can support the creation of resilient cities, review different types of NBS, the challenges they can address, and the benefits they can deliver as well as present good practice examples of NBS implementation in cities. The content will be based on the findings of the Urban Nature Atlas, the most comprehensive database of urban nature-based solutions developed within the framework of the EU-funded Horizon 2020, Naturvation (NATure-based URban innovation) research project. 

NBS implementation examples:
Green infrastructure in Tianjin Eco-City (Tianjin, China); Beekeping at Audi Hungaria (Győr, Hungary); Therapeutic Gardening in Singapore's parks, hospitals and retirement homes (Singapore); BAM: Biblioteca degli Alberi di Milano (Milan, Italy); CERES Community Environment Park (Melbourne, Australia)

The presentation is followed by a Q&A | 15 min | 

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