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Racialized Body Politics

Panel Discussion
Racialized Body Politics
Friday, November 26, 2021, 1:30 pm – 3:10 pm

Racialized Body Politics

Screening of the theatre play Urban Body to be followed by discussion

Online event

Please register by 23 November at

The Romani Studies Program and the Department of Gender Studies at Central European University are pleased to invite you to the screening of the theatre play Urban Body by Giuvliplen Theatre Company followed by a discussion.

The play Urban Body fictionalizes the stories of four Roma women and investigates the connection between them and their own bodies, through a personal lens and in a social context: the body as an instrument of production, the body as property, the body as a cradle of maternity; the healthy body, the sick body, the shameful body, the physical body as the mirror of one’s social life and as the only personal possession. You can find more details about the play by clicking here.

The screening is followed by a discussion with invited speakers: Mihaela Dragan (actress, playwright at Giuvlipen Theatre Company), Irina Spataru (Roma rights activist and human rights education trainer), Gilda Horvath (journalist, Romani activist), Mariya Atanasova (MA student at CEU, Romani activist)