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De-stress Through Art: Using Everyday Objects as a Form of Self Expression

Friday, December 10, 2021, 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

De-stress Through Art – Using Everyday Objects as a Form of Self Expression

Online art therapy introductory session with Judit Szalai and Viki Kálmán 

Online Art Therapy
We offer this online session where we can discuss how we are, what difficulties we are facing, what coping mechanisms or tools we use or could use in this crisis. The discussion is combined with creative work. This might sound weird in the cyber space, but this is the only space we can share at the moment. 
The materials used can be anything, literally anything you find at hand. You do not need any art supplies, you can work with whatever you find in your room or flat (everyday objects, furniture, clothes, food, photos taken by your phone, etc). Of course, if you do have art stuff, feel free to use it. 

What you can expect in this session
In this 90-minute session you will be able to express how you are at that given moment by using everyday objects surrounding you in your home. The creative work is followed by a discussion, where you can share about your experience and get feedback from other participants. If you do not feel like talking, that is okay too. There are no expectations. You can come and be as you are at the moment.
No art skills are required.

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