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AI in the EU and Access to Justice

Panel Discussion
Friday, January 28, 2022, 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Department of Legal Studies cordially invites you to the

AI in the EU and Access to Justice

expert panel discussion

organized by Department of Legal Studies,

Europe Institute, Leiden University

ESIL Interest Group 'The EU as a Global Actor'


This event receives funding in the framework of the APART-GSK project ‘No right without a remedy: Making EU Fundamental Rights enforceable’ (Melanie Fink) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.


Reliance on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for assistance in decision-making is on the rise. The EU is no exception to this trend and is investing heavily in the development of technologies to be used by the EU itself and its Member States in areas such as border control and crime prevention.

While the use of new technologies can help make EU bureaucracy more efficient, automating public power may also endanger key values in EU law. This includes not just substantive rights, such as data protection and non-discrimination. It also covers rules and mechanisms that grew for decades to control public power, including the principle of legality, transparency, due process, the right to a reasoned decision, and accountability. The automation of government challenges and disrupts these models, often leaving the individuals affected in a vulnerable position.

The fundamental question this panel discusses is how the use of AI by the EU administration affects individuals’ access to justice. Do the current rules, models, and procedures designed into the EU legal system to ensure individuals can meaningfully object to and challenge public power still work in the face of automation? Or do we need more tailor-made safeguards to effectively enable individuals to challenge AI-supported decisions that affect them? What role can and should AI-specific regulation, such as the proposal for an EU Artificial Intelligence Act, play to complement general public law safeguards developed in human rights, constitutional, or administrative law?  


Dr Cameran Ashraf, Central European University / Wikimedia Foundation

Prof Madalina Busuioc, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Dr Jennifer Cobbe, University of Cambridge (UK)

Dr Tamás Molnár, Fundamental Rights Agency

Prof Sofia Ranchordas, University of Groningen (Netherlands) / LUISS (Italy)


Dr Melanie Fink, Central European University (Austria) / Leiden University (Netherlands)

Dr Clara Rauchegger, University of Innsbruck (Austria)


The event is going to be held online via Zoom. RSVP is requested.

Photo credit from Pixabay.