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Workshop on Project Management

Poster for Project Management Workshop
Saturday, January 29, 2022, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

The Human RightS Initiative (HRSI) offers a two–day intensive online workshop on the Basics of Project Management. 

To register for the workshop, click here. Please note that there is limited seat availability. Registration deadline is 24th January 12 PM. 

This workshop aims to provide participants with practical skills needed to work in the non-profit sector. The workshop is recommended to participants with no or relatively little experience in project management. We can promise you a lot of interactive elements and also the possibility to come with your own project idea and leave with a fairly worked out project plan.

Expected Learning outcomes

  • Understanding to do active risk management
  • Learning about more than one project planning method
  • Learning to implement and monitor projects
  • Develop a detailed knowledge of scheduling
  • Understanding Earned Value and people management



Session 1: Key considerations for project managers

  • The unique characteristics that distinguish project management from other responsibilities
  • How projects fit in the strategy of an organization
  • Recognizing the “triple threat” constraints you face with every project you start
  • The 10 commandments for successful project management

Session 2: The fundamentals of project planning

  • Idea generation  methods and needs assessment methods
  • Planning methods (project chart, Results Based Planning and Management, Business Canvas, Service Design)
  • Planning the time dimension - how to use PERT, Gantt
  • How to estimate a project’s cost


Session 3: Getting down to work

  • The staffing rules for building an effective team
  • How to install a high degree of motivation and commitment in team members with the tools of Motivation 3.0
  • How to conduct project meetings that get results

Session 4: Monitoring and controlling

  • How to structure reports for maximum value
  • What written reports can and cannot tell you
  • Communicating and coordinating - how to let everyone on the project know what’s expected of them and how they’re doing
  • How to establish checkpoints and milestones that tell you whether or not your project is on track

Session 5: Problem solving and troubleshooting

  • Dealing with the special problems
  • How to handle the most common sources of conflict in project management situations
  • Recognizing what project management software can do for you - and what it can’t and how to “test the water” before you jump in

Details about the trainer:

Kiry Noémi Ambrus is trainer, OD consultant and coach working for many years on improving efficiency of non-profit organizations by providing them innovative and integrated organisational development solutions. With her almost 20 years of experience in working in the non-profit sector across Europe, she loves sharing her knowledge and inspiring others. She is a visiting lecturer at the Pentecostal Theological College, teaching Management of Voluntary Organisations, ROI of coaching, Societal Relations.

The main stages of her career: she started as a trainer and East European coordinator of the Olde Vechte Foundation in Ommen, The Netherlands, with involvement in personal development, coaching and leadership trainings. For seven years, she was the senior trainer and consultant of the Civil Society Development Foundation Hungary doing capacity building, training and consultancy for non profit organizations across the globe. She also worked for the Mental Disability Advocacy Center as Operations Director and later Fundraising Development Manager; was the lead trainer and senior consultant of the Civil Support Nonprofit Ltd. Hungary. Her last two interim positions were managing the dry café (Café ADNA) of the Drug Rehabilitation Mission of the Hungarian Reformed Church, and being the operations manager of Hegyvidéki Ízlelő Restaurant, a multi-prize winner social enterprise, fully operated by people with disabilities. Currently she is a freelancer, but is contracted as a project manager of ASHOKA Hungary, managing 3 projects of the organization

She has a teacher’s degree from the Lutheran Theological University Budapest and another degree in EU politics from the University Of Pécs, Faculty of Law and she also studied coaching and management at the Pentecostal Theological College, Budapest. She is doing her MA studies in Community and Civic Studies.