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Inclusive Online Teaching

Inclusive Online Education
Tuesday, March 1, 2022, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

The CEU Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) invites faculty colleagues and doctoral students to a workshop on Inclusive Online Teaching in collaboration with the Erasmus+ SensiClass Project.

This workshop is intended for current and future educators, who wish to engage more consciously in inclusive online education. The workshop will focus on two topics integral to inclusive online education: 1) safe online learning environment and 2) student-centered online learning environment.

Online education will arguably remain an integral part of future education systems. Teaching in an online environment, however, brings numerous challenges and necessitates new modes of interacting with students, innovative ways of delivering content and different strategies to moderate discussions, including possible mitigation of conflicts. Undoubtedly, there is enormous pressure on instructors, who must be able to adequately connect with students and provide a safe virtual space for discussion.

Besides presenting relevant academic findings, participants of the workshop will learn about best practices, strategies and interactive exercises they can use for their own teaching.

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This workshop is part of a larger joint training on "Tackling Sensitive Topics in a Classroom." Learn more about the event here.