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CEU InnovationsLab x Entrepreneurship Avenue

Meet Up
CEU InnovationsLab and Entrepreneurship Avenue cover
Thursday, March 10, 2022, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Challenge. Innovate. Create. This is your chance to try out entrepreneurship!

CEU InnovationsLab is the leading startup accelerator in the region, a major contributor to the entrepreneurial ecosystem that raises and educates entrepreneurs. At iLab, we aim to enable our teams to create a great business all the way from idea to commercial viability and set best practices in entrepreneurship education. We truly believe that entrepreneurship can be learned and helps to get valuable skillsets. Thus, we have partnered with Vienna-based Entrepreneurship Avenue to give the chance to everyone to try out themselves as an entrepreneur.

Here’s our offer to you:

No matter field of study you come from, or which skills you have – YOU CAN find solutions for today's global challenges! TOGETHER with like-minded students from your department at CEU or even from different universities, you get the chance to experience entrepreneurship first-hand and work on a problem you believe is worth solving!

💡 Have you ever had an awesome idea that you thought could become a business but didn’t know where to start?

🚀Or do you have exactly what it takes to complement the skills of an existing team and learn the process of creating a startup?

If the answer is yes, then you should start your journey at Entrepreneurship Avenue 2022 - officially partnered with CEU InnovationsLab!

Meet us on 10th March and get more details and answer your questions! During this Info Session, you will  

  • gain more information about CEU's acceleration program 
  • get introduced to the mission of Entrepreneurship Avenue
  • and reasons why does it worth joining and starting your entrepreneurial journey 

After the Info Session, you can find us for a 1-on-1 chat in our office at B 609.

What is the Entrepreneurship Avenue? - It is Europe’s largest student-focused entrepreneurship series. It is a program aiming primarily at students with little or no experience in entrepreneurship. During our event series, they get to try out entrepreneurship first hand during networking events and online workshops (Labs). 

➡️Visit EA’s website and REGISTER NOW for FREE: 

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