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Young Musicians Concert Series: Domergue-Dés Quartet

Friday, March 11, 2022, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Manu Domergue is a French singer, mellophone player and storyteller, András Dés is a Hungarian percussionist, currently living in Vienna. Their common story started at a festival in Poland where – as a consequence of a life surprise and the festival’s restricted budget – they became roommates for a few days. Thank God it turned out soon that beside the room the two jazz musicians also share plenty of other things. Playfulness, desire for freedom and intrepid soul is what characterize their personality, music and stage presence. Their concerts are real adventures built upon the traditions of jazz where sounds and atmospheres wander along a path together with fellow musicians and the audience. The performance in March 2022 will be the first where they are going to play together with a band at a traditional concert. Two exceptional members of the young generation of Hungarian jazz musicians, pianist Krisztián Oláh and double bass player Marcell Gyányi will join them as fellow musicians. The quartet becomes whole with the fresh energy and incredible musicality of the two young jazz musicians – their concert promises depth and lighthearted soaring at the same time. Manu took his most important inspiration from singer giant Gábor Winand who died recently, it is a special honour for him to sing in Budapest.


Manu Domergue – vocals, mellophone

András Dés – percussions

Krisztián Oláh – piano

Marcell Gyányi – double bass


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COVID Protocols:

To ensure everybody's safety participants are kindly requested to present a valid immunity certificate (EU or Hungarian) together with a personal identification document to the organizers and security guard when checking-in for the event onsite and wear a mask during the event.